About Our District

- Mission Statement -

Educating today's students for tomorrow's opportunities.

- Vision Statement -

Inspiring excellence - every child, every day.

- Core Values -

Passion for Learning, Responsibility, Excellence

- Goals -

Improve students growth and achievement. Operate as a healthy, safe and effective learning community.


The district has an enrollment of about 1800 students K-12 in 5 buildings that are located at the Little Snake River Valley (Baggs 170), and in Rawlins (1650), Wyoming. The community’s economy is primarily dependent on the energy industry and has been subject to a boom/bust economical cycle due to energy price fluctuations for several decades. From 2006 to 2014 Rawlins has undergone both. The main employers other than the energy related occupations are the State Penitentiary, Railroad, Hospital and Public schools.


Carbon County School District One District Directory

CENTRAL OFFICE, 615 Rodeo, Rawlins, WY 82301
P:307-328-9200 F:307-328-9258

Mike Hamel, Superintendent
Vickie Cooper, Supt/Board Executive Assistant
Teresa Ross, HR Director
Dr. Stacey Kern, Special Services Director
Janell Archuleta, Special Services Assistant Director
Sandra Jebens, Athletic/Activities Director
Joshua Jerome, Technology Director
Jesse Martinez, Maintenance Director
Margaret Quintrall, Federal Programs Coordinator
Athena Gerzanic, Transportation Director
Heather Mortensen, Food Service Director

BUSINESS OFFICE, 615 Rodeo, Rawlins, WY  82301
P:307-328-9229 FAX: 307-328-9223
Margaret Cox, Business Manager
Margaret Quintrall, Assistant Business Manager

RAWLINS COOPERATIVE SCHOOL, 615 Rodeo, Rawlins, WY 82301
P:307-328-9250 FAX:307-328-9258
Travis Moore, Principal 
Dan Marquart, Counselor

RAWLINS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL K-1, 1525 Darnley Rd., Rawlins, WY 82301 
P:307-328-9299 FAX:307-328-9290
Benita Allard, Head Principal, Amy Bentsen-Asst. Principal 
Chandra Turcato, Secretary

RAWLINS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 2-5, 1301 Darnley Rd., Rawlins, WY 82301
P:307-328-7900 FAX:307-328-7901
Benita Allard-Head Principal, Toni Chapman-Asst. Principal 
Julie Swanson, Secretary
Charlotte Townsend, Secretary

RAWLINS MIDDLE SCHOOL, 1001 E. Brooks, Rawlins, WY 82301
P:307-328-9201 FAX:307-328-9226
Ryan Searle, Principal
Jacinda Waldrip-Asst. Principal
Sue Ward, Attendance Secretary
Mayra Reyes, Secretary

RAWLINS HIGH SCHOOL, 1401 Colorado, Rawlins, WY 82301
P:307-328-9280  FAX:307-328-9286
Darren Heslep, Principal
Marnie Garner, Assistant Principal
Shelly Seldomridge, Registrar 
Afton Koontz, Attendance Secretary

LITTLE SNAKE RIVER VALLEY SCHOOL,333 North St, Box 9, Baggs, WY 82321
P:307-383-2185 FAX: 307-383-2184
Joel Thomas, Principal
Davi Duncan, Secretary