Board Organization And Committees

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Board Organization

January 1, 2019—December 31, 2019


Mike Mann


Matt Feldmann


Jeffrey Mendoza


Brandon Taylor

Board of Cooperative Higher Education Services (4)

Jeffrey Mendoza (ch), Pam Thayer, Trent Arnell, and Matt Feldmann

Carbon County School District One Recreation Board (3)

Mike Young, Brandon Taylor, Jeffrey Mendoza

Board/Teacher/Administrator Advisory Board (3)

Pam Thayer (ch), Jeffrey Mendoza, and Mike Mann

RHS Hall of Fame (1)

Brandon Taylor

Little Snake River School Advisory Committee (1)

Matt Feldmann

Legislative Liaison (2)

Mike Young and Pam Thayer

Negotiations/Meet & Confer Team (3)

Trent Arnell (ch), Jeffrey Mendoza, Pam Thayer

Finance Ad Hoc (3)

Pam Thayer, Mike Mann, and Trent Arnell

DSIT Ad Hoc (3)

Pam Thayer, Matt Feldmann, and Mike Mann

Policy Ad Hoc (3)

Mike Mann, Brandon Taylor, and Pam Thayer (ch)

Facilities Ad Hoc (3)

Trent Arnell, Matt Feldmann, Jeffrey Mendoza


Updated:  7/18/19

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