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The study of a foreign language is open to all students, but it is strongly recommended that a student have a “B” average in English before undertaking a foreign language. Two years of the same foreign language is recommended and required by many colleges and universities, and is required for the Hathaway Scholarship.


Open to 9th through 12th grades.

Spanish I is designed to enable the student to develop the basic skills in communication--listening, speaking, reading, and writing--and to gain some cultural knowledge of the Hispanic world (Spain, Mexico, Central and South America).  Emphasis is placed on the acquisition of a usable vocabulary of common words and expressions through regular vocabulary lessons, reading selections based on everyday activities and cultural selections.  Simple grammar is presented to aid the student in understanding oral and written material and to help expression in an acceptable oral or written manner.  Opportunity is given at various times throughout the year for students to prepare original oral and written work, either independently or in groups.


Pre-Requisite:  Spanish I with a C or higher.

Spanish II reinforces, through a review of familiar material, the basic communication skills taught during Spanish I.  These skills are improved through the study of oral and written lessons which are more advanced in content.  Additional grammatical constructions are presented to aid the student in understanding the language and to enable expression in a more mature manner of speaking and writing.  A greater insight into the customs and traditions of Hispanic nations will be gained by the students’ viewing cultural visual material and by reading selections.  More emphasis will be placed on preparing original oral and written work, either independently or in groups.


Pre-Requisite:  Spanish I and Spanish II with a C or higher.

This course is intended to be a conversational class in which the culture and customs of Spanish speaking countries and their regions will be more deeply covered.  Emphasis will be placed on learning and communicating current and global perspectives in the target language.

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