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Adequate Yearly Progress Performance and Targets
Adequate yearly progress (AYP) is the measure by which schools, districts, and states are held
accountable for student performance under Title I of No Child Left Behind (NCLB). The below
table illustrates the AYP proficiency targets from the 2002 assessments through the 2014
assessments. Under the current system, the targets will remain at 100% following the 2014
assessments. Note that Wyoming received an AMAO Freeze Waiver for the 2013 assessments,
freezing proficiency targets at 2012 levels.

Public School Choice/SES Notices:
This year, Carbon County School District #1 has three schools identified as being in improvement according to their AYP results. These schools are Rawlins Elementary School, Rawlins Middle School, and the Cooperative High School. Because they have been identified for not meeting AYP, they are required to inform student parents and guardians of the areas they failed to meet AYP in, the options available to transfer students to another school that is making AYP targets, and what parents can do to be a part of the school improvement process to change the proficiency levels. Below are the letters that you received home. If you have any questions regarding this information please feel free to contact your building principal or Heather Mortensen, 307-328-9200 ext 1013. Please also see the links regarding Supplemental Education Services and Schoolwide plan.

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