Special Education Staff Information

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Special Education Staff Information


This page is specifically for special education staff, teachers, paras, counselors, etc. It is my hope to pack it full of good information whether it is helpful websites, tutorials or documents. 

If you have suggestions for this page please contact Patty Bonnette.

Para-Professional Boot Camp 

Why: These workshops will give you skills to handle your everyday duties with ease! We'll talk special education and about helping all students.
Paras will be paid for their time!


Inspiring excellence-Every child, every day


Educating today's students for tomorrow's opportunities

Belief Statements

  • All students deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.
  • All students can learn and will be supported in becoming lifelong learners.
  • Special Education is a safe, non-threatening service.
  • A full continuum of services is vital to meet individual unique student needs.
  • Students should be placed on the continuum of services where they will have the best opportunity to succeed.
  • Collaborations between all stakeholders will result in placements that meet individual student needs and create opportunities for success.
  • IEP teams stove to develop educational plans that are unique to each individual student and remain flexible with teaching techniques, interventions strategies, and best practice.

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