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Carbon County School District #1 Directory

CENTRAL OFFICE, 615 Rodeo, Rawlins, WY 82301


BUSINESS OFFICE, 615 Rodeo, Rawlins, WY  82301




RAWLINS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL K-1, 1525 Darnley Rd., Rawlins, WY 82301


RAWLINS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 2-5, 1301 Darnley Rd., Rawlins, WY 82301 www.res.crb1.net


RAWLINS MIDDLE SCHOOL, 1001 E. Brooks, Rawlins, WY 82301


RAWLINS HIGH SCHOOL, 1401 Colorado, Rawlins, WY 82301


LITTLE SNAKE RIVER VALLEY SCHOOL, 333 North St, Box 9, Baggs, WY 82321


School Lunch Prices


Elementary                 Middle School             High School                Adult

$1.60                           $1.85                           $1.85                           $3.00



Elementary                 Middle School             High School                Adult

$2.50                           $2.75                           $2.75                           $4.00


Milk $0.50

Food Service

2020-2021 Parent Food Service Letter

2020 -2021 Free and Reduced Letter

2020 - 2021 Free and Reduce Application

School Calendars

2020-2021 Rawlins Schools Calendar

2020-2021 Little Snake River Valley Calendar

Bus Schedules

Rawlins Bus Schedules

Little Snake River Valley Bus Schedules

Bus Route Changes for 2020-2021 CCSD 1 has made some bus stop changes. The district has been working with the City of Rawlins to create safer bus stops. These new/changed bus stops will be located along the city’s plowed routes. This will make it safer for students while waiting for the bus to arrive. Below is a list of some of the changes… Route 3 will have stops at Date and 8th, not Maple and 8th; Cherry and 12th, not Birch and 11th; and Maple and 12th along with Maple and 9th will now be combined and located at Maple and 11th. Route 6 will have stops at Davis and Pershing (the old Pershing School lot), not at Hugus and Pershing, and the Davis and Bennett stop has been moved to Jackson and Davis. Route 7 will no longer have any stops on Ash st. These stops have been moved to Apple St. Route 9 will no longer travel into Green Acres Mobile Home Park, instead the stop will be located on Murray St. at the Stanford St. entrance. Please read/view the bus schedule on the CCSD 1 website at www.crb1.net If you have any questions, please contact Athena Gerzanic at 307-320-5801. Thank you!


Little Snake River Valley School 

Rawlins Elementary Pre-K Program

Rawlins Elementary School K-1

Rawlins Elementary School 2-5

Rawlins Middle School

Infinite Campus Messenger


In the event the decision is made to cancel school or alter the regular schedule in any way, CCSD #1 will contact parents via the Infinite Campus Messenger system.

Infinite Campus Messenger is an automated phone calling system that calls each phone number on its list and plays an important announcement pre-recorded by a school or district administrator (usually a school principal or central office administrator). The calling lists can be adjusted to cover the entire district, a specific school or even an extra-curricular activity (for example, the parents with a student on the volleyball team could be called).

Infinite Campus Messenger is used for more than just "emergency" announcements. It can also be used to alert parents to important dates or events (for example, parent-teacher conferences, choir performances, state tests and many others). 

When you get a call from Infinite Campus Messenger, please listen carefully to the full message. There is no need to respond or call us back, the system automatically records that you received the message. Please make sure that we have your correct, most up to date phone number on file so that you do not miss any messages. 

Parents are an important part of the team in Carbon County School District #1.  Infinite Campus Messenger is a valuable tool in allowing us to share the most important and current information with parents quickly.

Infinite Campus Parent Portal

In the Parent Portal, you can customize your contact preferences choosing which messages you will receive and how you will receive them (by phone, email, or text). The Parent Portal also gives parents the ability to monitor student grades, attendance, and lunch balances. 

You can check or update your own contact information by logging into your Infinite Campus Parent Portal account at: https://crb1wy.infinitecampus.org/campus/portal/crb1.jsp

Or by clicking on the Infinite Campus link on your school web page.

Rawlins High School: rhs.crb1.net

Rawlins Cooperative High School: rchs.crb1.net

Rawlins Middle School: rms.crb1.net

Rawlins Elementary School: res.crb1.net

Little Snake River Valley School: lsrv.crb1.net

If you haven't set up your Infinite Campus Parent Portal account yet, please be sure Carbon County School District 1 has your correct e-mail address and watch for your welcome e-mail that will be sent on August 15th.

Board Meeting Dates


CCSD #1 Board of Trustees Board workshops will be held, as necessary, on the second Thursday of each month at 6 p.m. and Board Meetings will be held on the fourth Thursday of each month at 5 p.m. with executive session and regular business starting around 6 p.m. in the Board Room at 615 Rodeo. In April and September, the meetings will be held in Baggs, WY in the LSRV music room.

Emergency School Closing


All parents are asked to consider the following related to emergency school closures:

  1. School will remain in session in most circumstances.
  2. Parents may choose to keep their child/ren home if they feel the weather constitutes a threatening situation for their child/ren.
  3. Parents who live in rural areas should have contingency plans for their child/ren to stay in town if necessary.
  4. KTGA-Bigfoot 99 (FM), KRAI (Craig), and K2 radio and television will provide information to patrons concerning early dismissal or cancellation.
  5. The responsibility for early dismissal or school cancellation is that of the Superintendent.


Extreme cold is dangerous. It is the parent’s decision to decide whether they feel it is safe for their child/ren to stand at a bus stop, walk to school, or transport themselves to school. Parents, like the district, should make decisions they believe will best protect the safety of their child/ren. The district does not count tardies or absences as unexcused in circumstances of extreme cold. The Superintendent decides whether school will be open or not based on information from appropriate state and local agencies in conjunction with district maintenance, transportation, and leadership. 

Absence and Educational Neglect


Consistent attendance at school is paramount to student academic growth and achievement.  When a student has been absent from school for reasons other than a medical excuse or family emergency, the following will occur:

1.  Over 5 days absent- A meeting at the school will be held with both staff and administration in attendance.  The five-day meeting will also apply if a student tends to miss school due to a chronic illness.  Issues related to the student absences will be reviewed and remedies developed.

2.  Over 10 days absent- A letter of concern regarding the student's attendance will be shared with the Superintendent and an additional meeting will be scheduled with building staff and administration.

3.  Over 15 days absent- If it appears to school personnel the parents/guardians of a student are neglecting the educational needs of the student, a referral may be submitted to the County Attorney.  Education neglect may be reported to the County Attorney prior to 15 absences if school personnel believe circumstances warrant a referral.

Mandatory Immunizations


Immunization is mandatory for all students, K-12, who attend school. This is in accordance with the regulations of the state Department of Health and the laws of the state of Wyoming. Every child in the school district, including children entering school for the first time, must have a verified record of having received the required immunizations. Students not meeting this requirement will be enrolled only under the condition that appropriate immunizations are received within 30 days. BOCES and Institutional/Correctional schools: All children through the age of 18 must be up to date for age.

Required immunizations (K-6):

A vaccine administered up to four (4) days prior to the minimum age for that vaccine is considered compliant with that vaccine administration schedule.

Five (5) valid doses are required of diphtheria/tetanus/pertussis-containing vaccines (DTaP). The final dose must be given after the fourth birthday.

Three (3) or four (4) valid doses are required of inactivated polio virus vaccine (IPV). The final dose must be given after the fourth birthday. Children who receive three (3) doses of IPV before the fourth (4th) birthday should receive a fourth (4th) dose before or at school entry. The fourth (4th) dose is not needed if the third (3rd) dose is given on or after the fourth (4th) birthday. If all four (4) doses are given after six (6) weeks of age and are all separated by at least four (4) weeks, a fifth (5th) dose is not needed, even if the fourth (4th) dose was administered before four (4) years of age

Two (2) valid doses are required of measles/mumps/rubella vaccine (MMR).

Three (3) valid doses are required of hepatitis B vaccine (Hep B). This multi dose series must be started in a 30-day period and completed in a timely manner.

Two (2) valid doses are required of varicella (or history of disease).

Required immunizations (7-12):

A vaccine administered up to four (4) days prior to the minimum age for that vaccine is considered compliant with that vaccine administration schedule.

One (1) booster dose is required of diphtheria/tetanus/pertussis-containing vaccines (Tdap).

Parents should obtain the official record of immunizations as required by State Health Department from their physician or Public Health. If you have questions about immunizations you may contact the Carbon County Public Health Nurse, located in the Carbon Building 328-2607.

Medical exemptions from immunizations must be obtained from the patient’s primary physician. The religious exemption from will need to be signed by the County Health Officer and sent to the State Medical Officer for approval.