2020 End of the Year Video & Crystal Apple Awards

CARBON1 Crystal Apple Awards made possible by:

Crystal Apple Nomination Criteria


The nominee exhibits the following characteristics:

  • Demonstrates excellence in teaching and involvement in the community. 
  • Understands the needs of students individually, collectively, and meets those needs with determination, enthusiasm, and imagination.
  • Involves families in the educational process.
  • Creates a love of learning in students of all abilities and backgrounds.
  • Stimulates thought and provokes student dialogue.
  • Challenges students to achieve high standards.

Nomination Process

  1. Based on the nomination criteria, candidates may be nominated for the Crystal Apple Award by colleagues, students, and/or community members. The deadline to submit a nomination is Sunday, May 10, 2020.
  2. Nominations must be forwarded to and signed by the school principal for advancement to the selection process (signature obtained on “Part 2” of the nomination form).

Selection Process

  1. The Selection Committee reviews the nominations and qualifies them for the selection process.
  2. At least one candidate from each school will be chosen.

Mr. Maloney will be delivering the Crystal Apples to buildings later today and each building will then get them to the recipients.
Have a GREAT summer!!!!
Mike Hamel
Carbon County School District #1