CARBON1 2019-2020 Teacher, Director & Staff Support Team Member of the Year!

Teacher of the Year:  Angie Roybal

Please congratulate Angie Roybal for being selected as the Carbon County School District #1 Teacher of the Year! 

Angie Roybal wants her students to be successful every day in every way.  Not only does she teach students through science experiments and exploration, but she also teaches students the most important things about life and being better people.  She is constantly pushing the status quo and wants to be ahead of the game of educational development.  She never simply goes through the motions of teaching.  She is upbeat and high energy every day.

Ms. Roybal works hard to develop and build strong relationships with her students.  It is that bond she forms with her students when the relationship of trust creates a positive atmosphere and a partnership in the learning process.  Students trust her and she empowers students to make mistakes without feelings of failure or defeat, but of opportunity and growth.  

Mr. Searle, Rawlins Middle School Principal said, “I have had the privilege of serving as Ms. Roybal’s Principal for the past 2 years and I hope to continue to serve with her for many more years.  She is one of the finest and sharpest educators in our school.”  


Director of the Year: Joshua G Jerome

Please congratulate Joshua Jerome on being selected as the Carbon County School District #1 Director of the Year!

On the night of March 15th education in Carbon County School District One and the state of Wyoming was interrupted and has not looked the same since that night.  Our employees and departments have done an amazing job adjusting to remote learning, delivering meals, and constant cleaning and disinfecting.  It was an example of people and departments working together to best serve our students and community.  

It is not easy singling out one district director because of the great work in all departments.  However, the most drastic change was taking education and learning to our students in the form of distance or virtual education.  As our district made this drastic change, we had all the necessary devices, infra-structure, and countless hours of tech support to make it happen quickly and seamlessly.  Training for staff was made available, families received help connecting and we began communicating and meeting through the ZOOM platform.  It was as if we had been planning for years.  None of this would have been possible without the leadership of our director of the year.  It is my pleasure to introduce our 2020 Director of the Year, Joshua Jerome.  

Staff Support of the Year: Reyna Mirabal

Please congratulate Reyna Mirabal on being selected as the Carbon County School District #1 Support Staff of the Year! 

Reyna has been a valued and important member of the CCSD#1 family since 2016. In that time, she has created lasting relationships with teachers, administration, families, and staff. As our district translator, she works in a variety of settings where she translates both verbal and written communication for all. With her calming and soothing demeanor, she makes everyone she works with feel heard and understood. She is approachable as well as professional and goes out of her way to be friendly to everyone in the building.

Reyna is very proud of her heritage and is involved in the Rawlins community as a volunteer and caring mother. She has helped families not only understand the IEP process but also made sure they had necessities during the mandatory closure this year. She maintains a positive attitude while working diligently to meet deadlines and adhere to compliance. She loves her community and truly wants what is best for the families she serves. Her smile, laugh, and humor makes her a wonderful person to be around and loved by all she encounters. That is why Reyna is truly deserving of the Support Staff of the year.