Carbon1 December 2017 Teacher, Support Staff Member & Student Unsung Hero of the Month

Teacher of the Month:  Please take time to congratulation Anthony Lucero on being named, "Carbon1 Teacher of the Month! Mr. Lucero is a Science Teacher at Rawlins High School. He has been teaching there for 10 years. Anthony is truly an asset to our District. He always has a smile and is willing to help whenever necessary. Anthony serves as the Science Department Head putting in many extra hours to make sure the science department functions at a high level. He creates and establishes relationships with all teachers. This year with two new teachers in his department, Anthony has gone above and beyond to make sure they have everything they need on a daily basis and are comfortable with what they are doing. Mr. Lucero coaches are the Student Council sponsor and anything else that is thrown his way. He is the first to volunteer for almost anything when asked by the administration or staff. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to our students and District! We are so fortunate to have quality staff such as yourself!

Classified Staff of the Month: Please take time to congratulate Seth Dishman as our December Classified Staff Member of the Month. Seth works in the Technology Department and has worked there for 5 years. Seth has a very good reputation with staff and students. He is always there and has built strong relationships with everyone. Mr. Dishman has a great attitude, is friendly, and always going above and beyond. He is definitely a team player, displays a great attitude, and his ability to treat everyone with respect and dignity are some of the reasons Seth has been given this prestigious award. Thanks for all that you do Seth, we are so fortunate to have you part of our District.

Unsung Student Hero of the Month: Please take time to congratulate Marta Angeles our Unsung Student Hero of the Month! Marta is an 8th grader at Rawlins Middle School. She is an exceptional student. She always turns in her assignments, is a hard worker and helps other students when they are struggling. It has also been observed that Marta stops to pick up garbage off the floor in the hallway between classes. She is highly motivated to get 100% on her assignments every time. She deserves to be recognized for her great work ethic and helping her fellow students. It has been said she is a blessing in the classroom.  Thanks Marta for being such a good role model!