Carbon1 December 2019 - Teacher, Substitute Teacher, Support Staff Member, & Student Unsung Hero of the Month

Carbon1 December 2019 TEACHER of the MONTH:

*** Diana Espy  *** 

Rawlins Middle School - 6-8 Grade Science Teacher

District Contributions:

Mrs. Espy is a staff leader in communicating with parents and helping to bridge the gap between school and home. She is always looking to improve student engagement and does not hesitate to include parents in the conversation for their child. She represents the science team on the school guiding coalition team. Her expertise and professionalism are irreplaceable as she leads by example.

Community/Student Involvement:

Over the past 30 years, Mrs. Espy has served on every committee from BTAAC to Negotiations Committee. She also participates in several community events and gives much her time and money to initiatives to promote the greater good.

Outstanding Teacher Characteristics: 

Mrs. Espy will go to football games to meet with parents to discuss how she can better meet the needs of their child; she meets with her science team members into the late hours of the evening to work on essential standards, assessments and plan for the next day and week; she comes early in the morning to attend guiding coalition and staff meetings; she stays late after school to work with struggling students. We could not do what we do at RMS without Mrs. Espy on our team. She is practically perfect in every way! 

Carbon1 December 2019 Substitute TEACHER of the MONTH:

*** Sophia Hatch ***

 Rawlins Elementary School

District Contributions:

Sophia is very responsible and will do anything that is asked of her with 110%. She is very knowledgeable in education. She develops great relationships with staff and students. Sophia worked for the district last year as a para and has come back to us as a sub. She is one of the first people that I call each morning to help us out because she does such a great job at all levels and in any position. 

 Community/Student Involvement:

Sophia builds relationships with our students and has already created relationships from when she worked at RES. 

Outstanding Teacher Characteristics: 

Sophia is very patient and calm person. She has great classroom management because of the relationships that she has built with students. We look forward to Sophia completing her education degree so that hopefully one day she will be back in our district as a full-time employee. 

Carbon1 December 2019 SUPPORT STAFF of the MONTH:

*** Darcy Conklin ***

Central Office / Transporation Department 

District Contributions:

Safe student transport driving a regular route for 8 years. Greets all students on the bus by name. Keeps CDL Certifications and attends monthly training. Retrieves and delivers district mail.

Outstanding Job Characteristics:

Volunteers to do the extra runs like RES Choir, RES Tutor, RMS Sports practices, helping other drivers cover their routes, and mentors new employees with procedures and advice. With some personal struggles Darcy has been faced with the past couple years, she still does her absolute best to maintain a professional, positive attitude.

Community Involvement:

Contributes to department clothing/food drives for the community. She takes the time to listen to youth and adults alike needing to talk through difficult times, youth and adults alike.

Carbon1 December 2019 UNSUNG HERO of the MONTH:

*** Meadow Mathill ***

Rawlins Middle School

Meadow always does the right thing and does not expect accolades for anything. She is at the top of her academic world, she plays basketball better than Lebron James, and most importantly, brings a smile to everyone's face. 

 Meadow has a "can do" attitude. There is nothing that she cannot do because she believes she can do anything she puts her mind to. 

 We are proud to have her represent RMS as a member of the volleyball and basketball teams. She is a fantastic role model for others and we are grateful to her for representing our school and community.

She is the antithesis of lazy. She does not accept anything less than an A in her classes and she also refuses to miss school. Her motivation comes from her parents that hold her accountable so she can achieve the great things they know she can. 

She is an all-around great kid. If we had a school full of Meadows, we would not need school administration because the school would run itself.