Carbon1 February 2019 - Teacher, Support Staff Member & Student Unsung Hero of the Month

Carbon1 February 2019 TEACHER of the MONTH:

Dustin Grant

Dustin is a Science Teacher at Rawlins High School, and this is his fifth year with the district.  In addition to teaching science, he sponsors the Science Olympiad Club and is a referee for high school wrestling.  Dustin demonstrates a high level of commitment, passion, and energy to his profession and the students he serves.  He simply refuses to allow his students to fail, and he works incredibly hard to ensure all students experience success in his classroom.  He offers extra time to work with any students who struggle and provides multiple opportunities for students to learn.  Dustin engages students in quality learning activities and works to continue building positive relationships with all students.  
Dustin is a great role model for students and colleagues by showing his determination to help all students learn!  Thank you, Dustin Grant, for your dedication to student success and for engaging students in quality learning.  Your work is greatly appreciated!

Carbon1 February 2019 SUPPORT STAFF of the MONTH:


Lisa is a paraprofessional at Rawlins Elementary School, and this is her second year in our district.  Lisa is such a positive member of the RES staff!  She develops great relationships with the students she works with and is kind and compassionate with everyone she encounters.  She takes initiative to learn more about how to help the students she works with, and when faced with a challenge, she seeks out additional resources and spends extra time to overcome any obstacles.  Since she is always actively learning and is excited to show it, she is a great role model for all students and staff who work with her!  Similarly, she’s always willing to brainstorm and share ideas with others based on her knowledge and experience of working with students.  
It’s clear to everyone who works with her that she believes in students, and she shows them that she cares every day.  Thank you, Lisa Reedy, for your positive and never-give-up attitude!  It is greatly appreciated!

Carbon1 February 2019 UNSUNG HERO of the MONTH:


Daphne is a Senior at Rawlins Cooperative High School.  Daphne has made a personal commitment to fulfill her goals of successfully completing enough credits and graduating from high school.  Although she has faced challenges, she remains positive and continues to work to stay motivated, showing her determination and grit.  She has worked to overcome significant challenges and obstacles, and she has just recently earned her high school diploma!  
Thank you, Daphne, for diligently working towards your goals and being a role model to others who may face significant challenges and work to overcome them!