Carbon1 January 2018 - Teacher, Support Staff Member & Student Unsung Hero of the Month

Mark Gillies- Please take time to congratulate Mark Gilles for being selected as our Certified Staff Member of the Month. Mark is our Counselor at Little Snake River Valley School "LSRV" and has been there for two years. Mark has done an amazing job building rapport with staff and students. It was stated LSRV had a lot of students with many needs they were not even aware of, and Mr. Gillies has found time to work with all of them and assist them with their needs. Whether it is classroom lessons, IEP students, or students that need a little help, the rapport and support he offers students are incredible. Each year Mr. Gillies makes strides to grow his program and increases the different approaches he can take with students. Students love coming to see Mr. Gillies and always leave his office better than they were when they came in. Please congratulate and thank him for all of his hard work and all that he does to make Carbon County School District One a great place for students! Thank you, Mark!

Classified Staff of the Month:
Julie SwansonPlease take time to congratulate Julie Swanson for being selected as this month's Support Staff of the Month. Mrs. Swanson has been with Carbon County School District One for 13 years. Julie is the Secretary at the Rawlins 4/5 Elementary School. Julie is an amazing asset to our district. She goes above and beyond every day. Mrs. Swanson strives to get to know each and every student that comes into our building. She also has a great rapport with parents and other caregivers. She maintains the highest level of professionalism, while still being easily approachable, kind and helpful. Mrs. Swanson is the type of person that we know we can count on to keep our school running smoothly. Despite whatever might be going on, Mrs. Swanson always has a smile on her face. She is the kind of coworker that you know you can count on if you need help with something or have questions about anything. Please congratulate Julie and thank her for all of her dedication, kindness, and hard work! Thank you, Julie, for all that you do! 

Unsung Student Hero of the Month:
Jiagi (Benny) Wang-Please take time, to congratulate Benny for being selected as this month's Unsung Student Hero. It has been stated that Benny came to our Rawlins High School 4 years ago with no English at all! She had to work hard not just on her academic achievements without knowing English, but on establishing herself as a potential successor among her schoolmates. She came through all of these years with other students stating, "I don't want to be her partner" (when it came to group work in the mainstream classes) to "Benny, help me, please?" Benny became a close friend for many. If RHS had an ESL museum, Benny's notebooks with thousands of new words, translation of conversational phrases, and flashcards with accurate Chinese characters would be there. Benny serves as a role model for her classmates. She is goal centered, stubborn in achieving her goals and extremely mannered! Please take time to congratulate her on being this Carbon County School District One Unsung Student Hero of the Month! Thanks Benny for being a role model and for all of your hard work! We wish you the best!