Carbon1 November 2017 - Teacher, Staff Support & Student Unsung Hero of the Month!

November 2017 Teacher of the Month: David Holland
Congratulations go to Mr. Holland!
Mr. Holland is a Special Education Teacher who is a new teacher to Carbon County School District #1. David comes with five years of teaching experience and has already formed incredible relationships with students, families, and teachers. He is involved in coaching, teaching, and goes above and beyond to meet the needs of students. Mr. Holland has taken it upon himself to begin a Chapter of Best Buddies, a nationally recognized program. This is the first chapter of this program in Wyoming. Upon sharing this information with the high school, he already has over 50 students excited to participate. He is also reaching out to RES and RMS to facilitate involvement across the district and community! Mr. Holland is incredibly dedicated to his students and has been an amazing asset to Carbon1!
Again, congratulations Mr. Holland...We are so excited you are part of our District!

November 2017 Classified Staff of the Month: Jennifer Moran
Congratulations goes to Jennifer Moran!
Ms. Moran has worked for Carbon1 since 2015 and serves as a Special Education Para. Jennifer is an extremely hard worker that goes above and beyond to ensure that all students are successful. Ms. Moran is always prompt and comes to work with a great attitude. Ms. Moran not only helps students who she is assigned to but anyone who may need an extra hand! Again, congratulations Ms. Moran, we are very fortunate to have you on our Carbon1 Team!

November 2017 Unsung Student Hero of the Month: Jacob Lawson
Congratulations goes to Jacob Lawson!
Jacob is a 12th grader at Rawlins Cooperative High School! Jacob is described as always positive, respectful, and polite. He has only missed one day of school and consistently goes above and beyond the performance expectations. He has earned two credits this year and is a mere four credits from graduating. Jacob has expressed interest in taking college courses second semester. Jacob is conscientious and never fails to get his work done in a timely manner and at a high level! Again, congratulations Jacob, we are so proud of you!
Thanks for being a role model for others!