Carbon1 November 2019 - Teacher, Support Staff Member & Student Unsung Hero of the Month

Carbon1 November 2019 TEACHER of the MONTH:


***Cindi Miles  ***   

Rawlins Elementary School - Rawlins, WY - 3rd Grade Teacher

District Contributions:

Mrs. Cindi Miles communicates with her families through electronic messaging. She explicitly chose an app that translates into other languages to make sure she communicates effectively with all of her parents. She leads the 3rd Grade team in a professional manner by collaborating with them regularly. She represents her team while serving on the Building Leadership Team. Additionally, Cindi attended the PLC Institute this summer and immediately started integrating those skills in the weekly PLC meetings with her team. She discusses her plans and asks for input with all of the appropriate staff members. She establishes a caring, yet respectful, culture in her classroom that promotes effective and active learning every day. Cindi approaches challenges with a positive outlook, viewing them as growth opportunities. She welcomes new ideas to increase student success in her classroom. Cindi makes every student, staff member, and family member. Cindi implements Hattie techniques in her room effectively, such as equitable questioning. This holds all of her students accountable for their learning. 

Community/Student Involvement:

Mrs. Miles creates an atmosphere in her room that can be described as peaceful, focused, productive, and fair. Her classroom management is understood by her students and is effective in promoting fairness for everyone. She takes the time to discuss issues with students on a one to one basis, outside of the group to respect their privacy. One of the aspects that Mrs. Miles excels at is holding high expectations for their learning. She holds her students accountable for their work and will not allow her students to perform any less than she knows they are able to. 

Outstanding Teacher Characteristics: 

Cindi is an outstanding teacher to work with. She considers all of the individual needs of her students and provides them with the needed supports and accommodations such as sentence stems, graphic organizers, manipulatives, and visual aids. Cindi makes learning enjoyable for her students by providing a variety of learning experiences.

Carbon1 November 2019 SUPPORT STAFF of the MONTH:

***  Paul Prestrud ***

Little Snake River Valley School - Baggs, WY - Maintenance

District Contributions:

Paul Prestrud is one of the hardest working people in our building. He is always fixing, adjusting, moving, or building something to make our school better. Mr. Prestrud has worked on the grounds for a few years and they look amazing. Traveling around the state LSRV has by far and away from the best-kept football field in Wyoming, and that is because of the pride Paul takes in our school and community.  Paul spent countless hours to prep the football field for 2 playoff games. The field looked great despite the winter conditions leading up to the games. If you need anything, he will take your request with a smile. He is always friendly and approachable.

Outstanding Job Characteristics:

Mr. Prestrud is an example of hard work and kindness that we should all strive to be. He is compassionate and caring towards the students and so helpful to the staff.  He is willing to take on more responsibility when asked. He is patient and always willing to help others be successful.

Community Involvement:

Mr. Prestrud also coaches our boy's basketball and encourages athletes to do their best no matter what sport they play in. 


Carbon1 November 2019 UNSUNG HERO of the MONTH:

*** Arumy Perez ***

Rawlins High School - Rawlins, WY

- Arumy is very kind, hardworking, and a great motivator

- Arumy is always on time and maintains a 3.9 GPA.

- Arumy has a very positive attitude and friendly, polite, and respectful

- Arumy works at the Boys and Girls Club and does a wonderful job with the younger children

- Arumy is always willing to help and works hard to keep her grades up and motivates everyone around her. 

-  Arumy walks around with a contagious smile and positive energy