Carbon1 October 2017 - Teacher, Staff Support & Student Unsung Hero of the Month!

Carbon1 October Certified Teacher of the Month is:  Mrs. Audri Morgan

Mrs. Morgan works diligently as a mentor, has worked hard to implement Professional Learning Community leadership, and has demonstrated the utmost poise and professionalism within the district. Audri demonstrates high positive personal interactions with those around her, sets high student expectations and takes pride in her student's work. Mrs. Morgan provides a conducive environment to promote high-level learning. Audri's input is valuable, well-thought-out, and reflects the district's values and goals.

Carbon1 October Classified Support Staff of the Month is: Mrs. Sherry Banta
Mrs. Banta is a very positive person that makes the work environment so enjoyable and welcoming. Sherri has a heart of gold and takes the time to greet every child and adult that walks by her. She cheers students up who may be having a rough start and always gives staff compliments. Mrs. Banta shows support for Outlaw activities and always helps in any way possible for district activities.

Carbon1 Unsung Student Hero of the Month is:  Abby Frakes
Abby is an 11th grade student at Rawlins High School. It has been stated Abby has a serious dedication towards school and the student body in general. She works hard, as she is in many activities including band and choir, Abby should be recognized for her hard work ethic, always being positive and for taking on so much responsibility in whatever she does.

Please take time to congratulate and thank these people for their hard work, compassion, dedication, and all they do for Carbon County School District One!
We recognize, celebrate and thank you! We greatly appreciate you and the role model you are to others!