Carbon1 October 2018 - Teacher, Support Staff Member & Student Unsung Hero of the Month

Carbon1 September TEACHER of the MONTH:


Please help us celebrate Krystal Hyde as our October Teacher of the Month!  Krystal teaches 5th grade at Rawlins Elementary School, and she joined Carbon1 in 2017.  

Krystal effectively collaborates with her colleagues, and she models positivity and passion for teaching.  She keeps her focus on the success of students, and she maintains a helpful, calm, and respectful demeanor at all times.  She values student achievement, which is shown each day by holding her students to high, yet attainable, standards.  She incorporates a variety of instructional techniques each day to support all students, and she makes learning enjoyable for her students.  

Thank you, Krystal, for engaging students in the quality of learning each day!  Your work is greatly appreciated!

Carbon1 September SUPPORT STAFF of the MONTH:


Please help us celebrate Julie Packard as our October Support Staff Member of the Month!  

Julie is the school nurse at Rawlins Elementary School, 2-5 building.  She has been a member of Carbon1 since 2007, and during her time with us, she has been responsible for keeping students and staff healthy and safe while at school.  Julie gets to know her students and the staff at RES so she can identify when there may be any health concerns that need to be addressed.  There are many serious medical needs that need to be addressed each day, and her ability to attend to those needs as well as the daily bumps and bruises is exemplary.  

She consistently puts others above herself and ensures that students’ needs are at the forefront of her work.  Thank you, Julie Packard, for your dedication and hard work!  It is greatly appreciated!

Carbon1 September UNSUNG HERO of the MONTH:


Please help us celebrate Landon Thompson as our October Unsung Hero of the Month.  

Landon is a 7th-grade student at Rawlins Middle School.  He is an amazing role model for his peers, as shown through his respectfulness to adults and other students.  His work ethic is exemplary, and he is always striving to learn more and to improve in any area.  Landon always has a smile on his face, but one of his best attributes is his sincere compassion for others.  He belongs to the “Best Buddies” club and recently organized a luncheon for his fellow 7th-grade buddies.  

He continually demonstrates a motivation to improve himself and encourage others.  Thank you, Landon, for modeling such a great attitude and always looking for ways to share your smile and encouragement!