Carbon1 October 2019 - Teacher, Support Staff Member & Student Unsung Hero of the Month

Carbon1 October 2019 TEACHER of the MONTH:

*** Caroline Allen *** Rawlins Middle School Social Studies Teacher


District Contributions:

Caroline has instantly become a vital part of the RMS building by participating in the PLC process, contributing to the Social Studies curriculum, creating positive relationships with her students, and going above and beyond to contact parents about their child's education.


Outstanding Teacher Characteristics:

Caroline is a passionate social studies teacher. She came into a very established team as a first year teacher and hit the ground running. She is not intimidated by the high quality of work our team expects and she works hard to contribute to our department and building. Caroline has done a great job of finding an important niche that allows her to bring fresh perspectives to our students. I have been nothing but impressed with her confidence in her ability to command respect from even the most challenging students. In conclusion, Caroline has emerged in a very short time as a very important staff and team member who we value and look forward to working more closely with for the remainder of the school year.


Community/Student Involvement:

Caroline is a positive addition to Student Council at RMS. She has brought enthusiasm and passion to help students understand the importance of participating in localized government. Finally, the amount of students participating in the Student Council has gone from 10 (in a few years previously) to a staggering 52 students.


Carbon1 October 2019 SUPPORT STAFF of the MONTH:

*** Roxanne Scott *** Rawlins Elementary Head Custodian

District Contributions:

Roxi is willing to help out the staff, students, and parents out with anything that she can. She wants our schools to be safe and clean for students and staff. She takes pride and responsibility for both of the RES buildings. Roxi has developed relationships with staff and students throughout our school. She has gained the respect of her staff. She holds herself and her staff to high expectations.


Outstanding Job Characteristics:

She has a positive attitude every day at work she pushes herself and her staff to do the best they can each day. She doesn't ask her staff to do anything that she would not do. She has worked very hard to build a relationship with her staff over a short period of time that she has been at RES. She is a hard worker and holds her staff to the same expectations. 


Community Involvement:

Roxi is willing to help out with whatever we ask with a smile on her face.

Carbon1 October 2019 UNSUNG HERO of the MONTH:

*** Elizabeth Vorland *** Rawlins Cooperative HS Senior


Why should the student be a good Unsung Hero of the Month?

Elizabeth is the first graduate from RCHS in 2019-20. In her 14 months as a student with us she has completed 21 credits to earn this distinction. However, she is not done! Elizabeth is continuing to take additional math and science courses, as well as French, to prepare for a career as a Nurse. She plans to enroll in the CNA course in the Spring.  


Does this student demonstrate responsibility in his or her work and actions?

Absolutely. While many students seek out shortcuts to earning their credits, Elizabeth intentionally avoided such things because she wanted to truly learn the material.


Describe the student’s attitude:

Liz is always smiling and quick with a kind work and an easy smile. She cares deeply for her friends and classmates and is well liked by the students no matter what circles they run in.


Is the behavior demonstrated by this student evident in structured as well as non-structured settings?  

Yes. Liz is always on task no matter what goes on around her. She has an uncanny ability to filter out distractions and stay focused on her work. He academic record here bears that out.


Does the student display motivation, hard work, and enthusiasm?

Yes, Liz is one of those rare students whose motivation is internal. She has an innate desire to succeed and learn, and her work ethic goes without saying. It was not unusual to see Liz complete 100 or more academic tasks in a single day. Her all-time record is 153 in one day.


Other characteristics or comments about the student:

Elizabeth is a gifted student who has set a standard for herself and for her future that she is committed to. She brings those around her up and helps to motivate them to greater accomplishments and goals. She defines what "winning" is all about at RCHS!