Carbon1 September 2019 - Teacher, Support Staff Member & Student Unsung Hero of the Month

Carbon1 September 2019 TEACHER of the MONTH:

*** Tiffany Green *** (Special Education Coordinator at RHS)


District Contributions:

Ms. Green has embraced her new role as Special Education Coordinator at Rawlins High School.  In her short time serving in this position she has worked hand in hand with Dr. Kern and the Special Education Staff to review and align services and processes to better serve our students.  She is a positive upbeat servant leader who strives to support those who she works within efforts to make things better for all.


Outstanding Job Characteristics:

Ms. Green is a patient, caring, and compassionate educator who strives to provide the best learning opportunities to some of our most fragile students in the life skills program.  In her new role, these characteristics are dispersed to a greater population of Rawlins High School. Her efforts focus on providing high-quality learning experiences for all students with special needs at Rawlins High School by supporting students, staff, and parents.


Community Involvement:

Ms. Green is a sponsor of Special Olympics, The "R"Club, and Best Buddies, she is also a co-class sponsor of our 9th-grade students.  Best Buddies was recently recognized as the National Chapter of the Year when taking students to Indianapolis Indiana this summer.  

Carbon1 September 2019 SUPPORT STAFF of the MONTH:

*** Davi Duncan *** (Secretary LSRV)


District Contributions:

Davi is always there when needed. She helps the young kids when they are sad by giving them a hug and telling them how it's going to get better. 

She helps the middle school kids by talking to them and making them

feel special. 

The older kids all know Davi will help them with work and to talk to teachers with them. She is the mom of our school and always makes sure the kids are #1. She also helps the staff by being so helpful and she never has a bad day.


Outstanding Job Characteristics:

Davi makes our school special.  She is friendly to everyone and always willing to help.  She makes sure our kids are safe and cares about everyone.  Davi is hardly ever gone from school and when she is, we really miss her..  Davi works hard and is very appreciated.  


Community Involvement:

Outside of school, Davi is an EMT and she and her family are involved in helping with many other events including our rodeo and community BBQ.  Davi and her family are always willing to help out. 

Carbon1 September 2019 UNSUNG HERO of the MONTH:

*** Karter Evans *** (Senior - LSRV)

Why would this student be a good Unsung Hero of the Month?

Karter is a senior who never misses school. He comes to school with a smile every day. He speaks to all staff and he also takes time out for the little kids. He makes sure everyone around him feels important.


Does this student demonstrate responsibility in their work as well as their actions?

Karter is involved in all sports and he never gives up. I see him working hard in all his classes. He takes all his learning very serious and is a very responsible young adult. 


Describe the student’s attitude:

Karter seems to never have a bad day. He is very upbeat and caring. All age of students love Karter.


Is the behavior by this student evident in structure as well as non-structured settings?

Yes, he displays great behavior in all settings,


Does this student display motivation, hard work, and enthusiasm?

Yes, in the classroom and in sports.


Other characteristics or comments:

Karter is the ideal student. He comes to learn and grow. When he is in school he is not only learning but he is a friend to all. Karter is a great person.