Little Snake River Valley School STEM program makes a HUGE impact in Baggs, Wyoming

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math "STEM"

Little Snake River Valley "LSRV"

A new program at LSRV in 2016/17 STEM applies real world applications in the classroom. Computer programming in numerous languages, Web Design, Robotics, Environmental Sciences, Wind Turbine design, Solar panel efficiency and circuits, and Rocketry are just a few of the things that are explored K-8

 Kindergarten through second-grade students has been learning basic coding using BeeBots.  These are basic robots designed by the Harvard Computer Science department.   They have also learned basic code in the SKRATCH language using the Hour of Code platform. Kindergarten just finished building LEGO bridges; the best held 50 pounds and STILL did not break!

Third through fifth-grade students also use the hour of Code platform with SKRATCH but also a little C++ language.  The fourth and fifth graders have been building their own personal school web pages/portfolios. They have been learning how to design and build a web page through importing pictures and video.

Sixth graders have been learning basic computer code in JAVA and using EV3 robotics kits to build some robots that perform simple tasks.  Sixth-grade students will also be doing some outside environmental sciences as soon as the mud dries up.

Early in the year, the eighth grade had to build a rocket that would launch an egg at least 100 ft in the air and return it in one unbroken piece. Also, the class has been learning some JAVA programming, as well as SKRATCH and C++.  Currently, they are designing robots based on criteria given to them in order to enter a design contest.  The seventh/eighth-grade group has also been collecting and analyzing river water to determine how seasonal fluctuations affect our rivers.  They will collect a macroinvertebrate sample in the spring to compare to the August sample they took.  They will finish the year building a web page to showcase what they have done this year.

The one high school student enrolled in STEM has already completed a semester of JAVA programming and is now in robotics modules. Using a JAVA based program, she has been teaching her robot to respond to color and obstacles as well as to play music.