Phishing SCAM - Please DO NOT OPEN GOOGLE DOC to

Carbon County School District One along with at least 500+ school districts and government agencies was hit with a Phishing SCAM at 12:30 PM today here are is information in regards to this phishing scam.  

Please delete any emails that you might have received with the following address in the

TO: field of the email message

CRB1 Technology Team has been working with GOOGLE & Amplified IT Engineers to resolve this issue and fix is in place prevent further spread of this Phishing Scam and to also delete all these email messages containing this Phishing SCAM.
Joshua G Jerome
Technology Director
Carbon County School District One
615 Rodeo Street
Rawlins, Wyoming 82301
office: 307-328-9200 x1313
fax: 307-328-9258
SKYPE: joshuagjerome
Twitter: @joshuagjerome