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Federal Programs

Crystal James

Federal Programs / Grant Coordinator

PHONE: (307)328-9200

Chandra Buchholz

District Community M-V Liaison 

PHONE: (307)328-9200 x1026


Diane MacPherson

Diane MacPherson

Rawlins High School Community M-V Coordinator

Phone: 307-328-9280



Rawlins Cooperative High School Community M-V Coordinator

Phone: 307-328-9250


Marci Conley

Marci Conley

Rawlins Middle School Community M-V Coordinator

Phone: 307-328-9201


Mark Gillies

Mark Gillies

Little Snake River Valley Schools Community M-V Coordinator

Phone: 307-383-2185


Hilarie Chandler

Rawlins Elementary School Community M-V Coordinator

Phone: 307-328-9200 x3203


Ana Dishman

Ana Plascencia

District Community M-V Interpreter

Phone: 307-328-920 x1002


Carbon County School District #1 is home to three Title I Schools. Title I Schools are determined by free and reduced lunch counts, census data, and needs assessments. Title I eligible schools receive a formulated amount of funding that is required to be for intervention and supplemental services. Carbon 1 uses their funds to staff each Title I building with certified Title I teachers that will provide reading and math interventions to identified students, as well as to purchase state approved technology and classroom materials that will aid in the delivery of instruction. 


Title I schools are required to have a "living" school-wide plan that is continually evaluated and updated as the needs of the students change. During the spring months, plans are reviewed and updated by a team of teachers, parents, students and administrators.


Along with Title I, CCSD#1 also receives Title IIA funding that is utilized by the district to train new teachers, recruit and retain certified staff and provide ongoing professional development that will ensure our staff is among the top highly qualified in the state. 


Title III funds are heavily utilized by the district to support our ELL (English Language Learners) community. By implementing a Title III plan, the district has been able to use funding to enhance the interventions offered to ELL students as well as provide ELL parents with the supports they need to encourage learning at home. 


SPED 611/619 are used by the district to serve its identified students and provide them with the resources needed to enhance their education. Funds are used to provide one on one para educators and pay for screening tools and interventions.

Federal programs in education are used to promote student achievement through school and district reform. Reform is often focused on accountability for results; an emphasis on scientific research and doing what works; expanding parental options; and expanding local control and flexibility. Federal programs give schools a framework for achieving goals through the use of specialized funding and educational guidance, of which are provided by the U.S. Department of Education (USDE). In Carbon County School District #1, we use federal programs to fund school improvement initiatives; purchase intervention materials for identified students; provide high quality professional development for staff and even incorporate parental involvement opportunities. Working in conjunction with non-USDE; CCSD#1 utilizes its grant department to expand resources to areas needed in nearly all subjects including; music, technology, physical education, healthy snacks, and art; to name a few. The Federal Programs and Grants Department strives to make student achievement its number one goal through the acquirement of additional funding in areas of need as well as facilitating school improvement efforts in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.


It is with continued monitoring and communication that the Federal Programs and Grants Department strive to seek out and be awarded funding for different programming areas before a need exists.  Below is the improvement planning process to ensure the Federal Programs and Grants Department is operating with efficiency. 

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