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Teacher Induction

Here at Carbon County School District #1 we offer outstanding opportunities for teacher growth and development for both our new and returning teachers. We recognize the value highly skilled teachers in the classrooms.

Teachers new to CCSD#1 participate in the New Teacher Induction Program.

This includes:

  • Four-day Induction Program
  • Mentors
  • Monthly Support Seminars
  • Ongoing Staff Development Programs
  • Complete Support for Teacher Training


New Teacher Induction 2022-2023

New Teacher Recognition

Maren French, 5th Grade Teacher at Rawlins Elementary School

"Maren participates among her grade level team with feedback and suggestions. She communicates with parents about their students. She comes to school each day with a smile on her face and ready to go. She is organized and plans well ahead.  She gets her students to all participate in all of her activities within her class. Her room is a safe area for her students and she holds her students to high expectations.  Maren has great classroom management. You would never know that she is a first year teacher when you walk into her classroom. She has routines and procedures built in within her classroom to where little time is spent on redirecting students instead she is able to concentrate on her curriculum. She is an amazing teacher and I'm so excited to see her continue to grow." ~ Benita Allard, Principal, RES

Program Information

Danielle McKee, LSRV

Chuck Kern, Curriculum Director

Tanya Wall, Director of Human Resources